Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fitness Tips & Advice

What a busy couple of months this has been for me! Since the last time I added a blog post I changed jobs, moved homes and now once again I am trying to get my body in shape and it seems this time it is really working out for me :) The only thing I must just not do is GIVE UP! 

Time after time I go on these diets, follow it for a week and don't see results. Whats the next best thing to do? I go to the nearest shop and buy the biggest chocolate or biggest piece of cake my heart desires. Right at the moment of the first bite I can feel the guilt building up inside of me, ignoring it, I keep on chomping down till there is nothing left. 

THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT - this post will be there to haunt me if I don't stick to my guns :)

This is more of a lifestyle change incorporating some of my favorite Evox supplements that I know works for me and gives my body what it needs.

Lets break it down:


- Early Morning (06h30)
1 cup of luke warm water - think about it logically, this is so good for your body, it cleanses your system without shocking it with ice cold water, luke warm water gently cleanses your colon.

- Morning (08h00)
1 packet of instant oats, 1 banana or a handful of other fruit like strawberries or mixed berries

- Mid morning (10h30)
1 Evox Lean Pro Shake - you can read all the product information on my Evox Supplements page.

- Lunch (13h00)
1 Chicken breast pre boiled in water with carrot, celery and peppercorns. (I boil 5 breasts for the week and just keep it in the fridge - I find boiling the chicken breast like this adds excellent flavor)
1 cup full of sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon or nutmeg - you can also alternate the sweet potato with brown rice or a whole wheat wrap.

- Mid Afternoon (15h30)
1 Evox Lean Pro Shake - you can read all the product information on my Evox Supplements page.

- Dinner (18h30)
I don't really have a dinner menu, I try and eat foods with only one ingredient. Steak, Hake, Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Fresh Vegetables - no starch in the evening (potato, rice, pasta) and I end the meal off with a glass of water and fresh fruits like strawberries or an orange.

Alternatives: If you have to eat bread - eat 100% rye bread - if you have to eat butter - eat pure unsalted butter from Clover - only use olive oil in your cooking - I also use it as a salad dressing together with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice.

Important Tip 1: Do not over indulge in salt - I try to not have salt at all - salt stores water in your body and it is really bad for your heart - you need a good heart - that's the most important thing of all!
1 cup of mixed vegetables or salad - any vegetables!

Important Tip 2: Any diet that tells you to only eat certain fruits and vegetables - you can know right then and there, it is only a short term solution diet or a crash diet and you will put the weight right back on afterwards. Humans are made to eat any fruit and vegetables as much of it as they want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

MOST Important Tip 3: Drink lots and lots of water - I promise you, every time you feel peckish, every time you feel like having that cup of coffee loaded with 3 sugars, have a sip of water, and remember why you are doing it. You are doing it for you! Water cleanses your body, it gets rid of toxins, your skin starts to glow, the monthly breakouts disappear - soon you will not need to spend any money on make up because you will love your natural glow of your skin! Embrace it! 

MY EXERCISE: It's simple - I walk 20 minutes every day.




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