My Supplements

Here I will list all the supplements I use to get fit and I will add a little information of each product.

I use  Evox Pure CLA 1000mg 3 times a day

Evox Pure CLA 1000mg meets the highest quality standards and has its efficacy guaranteed by ongoing research and rigorous analysis. Evox CLA is a safe, natural way to increase the ingestion of these essential oils and get the added health and anti-ageing benefits of CLA.

What does this product do for me? 

Evox CLA increases the utilization of body fat for energy whilst simultaneously promoting fatty acid oxidation and protein synthesis in muscle cells. CLA increases lean muscle mass whilst significantly reducing the fat mass percentage and promoting weight loss. CLA has also been shown to have anti-catabolic properties, which helps to preserve lean muscle mass as well as counteract the loss of muscle tissue due to overtraining or injury.

Directions For Use:
- Take 1 softgel 3 times daily with food.    
- Recommended 1 softgel with breakfast, lunch and supper.
- Best used as part of a balanced and healthy eating plan.

I use Evox Hydro Heat 2 times a day. (2 x 2 capsules)

EVOX Hydro Heat assists in maximizing cuts, definition and separation leaving you sharper than ever before. Hydro Heat is far more than just a thermogenic like most other weight loss supplements. It is a complete body slimming formula.

What does this product do for me?

Caffeine and Evodiamine are two compounds that stimulate the central nervous system as well as the metabolic rate, giving you more energy and mental focus and assist the breaking sown of fat cells. This powerful combination helps you push the barrier both mentally and physically.So Evox Hydro Heat is a high potency, ideal thermogenic weight loss supplement for all athletes and dieters looking shed body fat and get ripped.


I drink Evox Lean Pro 2 times a day

EVOX Lean Pro is an all-purpose scientifically engineered lean protein supplement boasting an amazing nutritional profile 80% protein and less than 1% fat and carbohydrates per serving.

What does this product do for me?

EVOX Lean Pro is designed  to help you lose weight for a leaner, harder and better looking body.  This uniquely specialised High Protein, Low Carb nutritional supplement, rich with essential micro-nutrient combinations have been shown to reduce appetite and cravings, increase and stabilise energy levels, and maintain metabolically lean mass whilst reducing body fat.  EVOX Lean pro is formulated with hydroxycitrate (HCA) to stabilise blood sugar levels and curb sugar/carbohydrate cravings and control appetite.

Directions for use:
Mix 2 Heaped scoops (2 scoops = 28g) with 200 - 250ml cold water 
Evox Leanpro can be used to supplement your mid-morning/afternoon meals. 
Add or remove water or skim milk to acquire desirable taste and thickness.  
Best used for active individuals on a muscle maintenance or growth program.
- Mix in a blender or shaker for best results.

I use Dyma-Burn Xtreme 2 times a day

XTREME ENERGY...The cutting-edge formula maximizes fat burning while helping sustain the high performance energy levels you need for an effective workout. But, unlike other fat burners, you avoid the crash that often follows their short energy spike. You really feel the burn, without the crash!

XTREME CONTROL...Available only from Dymatize, this high-tech formula featuring Ephedrina can help you finally gain control over appetite, weight loss and energy. Better control means better results!

XTREME VALUE...As with every Dymatize product, only the purest, highest quality supplements are carefully selected and formulated for Dyma-Burn Xtreme. Make your fitness dollars work as hard as you do!

To order any of these products you can call:  Evox Cape Town +27 21 510 0692  

Please note: None of these products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.